Rotten to the Core EP

by Collision Zero



released September 30, 2014



all rights reserved


Collision Zero Germany

The two professional musicians Becky Gaber and Florian Haack formed the project Collision Zero to write and perform original music that is inspired by their favorite games and movies.
Catchy melodies and grooving guitar riffs, are the core of their music.

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Track Name: Rotten to the Core
the ground is shaking down below
defenses breaking one by one
the times are getting rough
it feels like mold is creeping over us
over us

mothers - fathers - sons and daughters
nobody's save from their blood thirst
cowards - heroes - at ground zero
women and children first !

the earth is rotten to the core
the devil longs for more
than just a soul, he wants us all
with flesh and bones
the locust breed under the streets
prepare the final fight
cause this could be the end of time
and all mankind

the situation is critical
and even cliffy B is gone
you should make up your mind
to save carmine or let the fucker die
let him die


when monsters breed to kill us all
we need more than a hammer of dawn
let´s find the place where evil dwells
and send the bastards back to hell

Track Name: Diablo
stay a while and listen
what I have to say
the monsters rise
prepare to fight

do you fear the devil
he will come to get ya
hear my call

the demon lords
will rise to take control
and dominate the whole world
so all of you
who are not afraight to die
please save our souls

hell itself
we´re facing the Evil Lord
to break his bones

We´re not scared
not at all
the devil won´t take our souls
we´ll come for you

stay a while and listen
what I have to say
the kingdome falls
hell opens up

blackened nothingness
so be prepared for it
it´s the demon apocalypse

Track Name: Outlaw
I´ve been an
Outlaw, a self made man
with a loaded gun and a dreaded gang
they knew us all across the land
but one day a mission failed
they left me to die
they shall burn in hell
I chose to walk another way

so I
took my wife and my son and my daughter
I felt peace in my heart when I worked as a farmer
we owned land where we lived and we cared for each other
livin´ life an easy way
but I
guess after all, the good lord has forsaken me
they came and they took all I had, just to make me
a puppet of them or else they´re gonna breake me
and this is where I stand

oh life´s so cold
so here I go to set a fire
and blow it all away
I´ve been long gone
but here I come
to put my gun against your head
shoot ! … dead

well I´ve
been down to mexico
where I shot a man
but I promise you
I never wanted it that way
I was forced by a government
that is not much better than I am
they said I´d be a free man

Track Name: March of Honor
breathing ice cold air
heavy armed I´m standing here
ready to go
someone´s gonna pay
in perfection I am trained
I´ll conquer it all

so we´re gonna make our stand
I´m awaiting your command
loyal till the bitter end
fight, there will be no escape
once you´ve hit the battlefield
open up the gates of hell

with massive armies
with pride we´re marching
in honor on the battlefield
frenetic warfare
we´re gonna conquer
on your command I kill

Let´s blow something up
need an expert ? I am here
ready to rise
we´re unstoppable
there is nothing that we fear
ready to die