Arrows EP

by Collision Zero



April 2014 releases of the metal project Collision Zero, which lyrics are focused on modern popculture.


released April 11, 2014

All songs written and performed by Collision Zero.

Collision Zero are:
Becky Gaber - Vocals
Florian Haack - Instruments



all rights reserved


Collision Zero Germany

The two professional musicians Becky Gaber and Florian Haack formed the project Collision Zero to write and perform original music that is inspired by their favorite games and movies.
Catchy melodies and grooving guitar riffs, are the core of their music.

COLLISION ZERO... Grab your groove!
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Track Name: Arrows

When I was young
I used to be an adventurer like you
that is long gone
those wild days are through

What I´ve become
could happen to all of you criminal scum
you should beware
of arrows in the air

across mystic places and wide open spaces
I followed the call of a warrior's heart,
Fus Ro Dah
Hear the call
Fus Ro Dah
there you go
but I can´t come along,
there's one thing you should know

I took an arrow to the knee
it hurt like fuck, you would agree
I wiped the tears from my eyes
'cause a real man never cries
fought dragon priests and other beasts
From Giant's grove to High Rock east
but now my dreams are simply torn
cause I am not... the dragonborn

I raise my glass
to all of those with the guts to walk a path
most of the man
out there would not dare

when I was young
I used to be an adventurer, you see
which weird things
can bring you to your knee
Track Name: Speed

I'm takin position
To step on the gas
Adrenalin is rising
I've never been passed

I'ts life in the fast lane
There's no lookin back
Im ready to go
for the victory lap

can you feel the thunder
Is roaring up loud
the grounds shaking under your feet

I'm off and away
watch my silhouette fade
the devil is riding with me

pedal to the metal is what i need
open roads
and lots of gasolin
turn the engine on cause i'm in need
for speed
full speed

I'm burning down rubber
got mud on the tires
a mission for glory
a hell of a ride

get back on the track
life is short so drive fast
no risk means no fun
come and step on the gas
Track Name: Information Warfare

I rule the street
ready to smash the system
I plant the seed
enter the next dimension
so much ya just don´t know
they´re monitoring everyone of you
so much ya can´t belive
is happening right now but you can´t see

Information warfare

They´re watching us
but here I am
I´m ready for the fight
let´s handle it with fists and wits
They´re watching us
but I´m the virus
hacking your device
and I´m still alive

grey hat control
install the back door virus
to bad for you
I am the big town pirate
thought you could play it safe ?
so welcome you arrived in a new age
you should upgrade your mind
and sleep with one eye open every night

Information warfare
Track Name: King of all Monsters

Cherry blossoms blooming
by the light of day
growing through the ruins
of what has been

a scene of destruction
brought by evil eyes
trampled down, it is
the worlds demise

I feel it
can you feel it ?
arising from the sea

you´ve got to run and hide
he comes to take your life
the king of all the monsters
is appearing on the blackened sky

you´ve got to run and hide
beware those evil eyes
the king of all the monsters
will arise

cherry blossoms dying
it's raining pain and death
turn out every light and
hide yourself

burning smoke is rising
run to save your life
all the open fires
light the sky

I feel it
can you feel it ?
arising from the sea