Machines of War EP

by Collision Zero



March 2014 releases of the metal project Collision Zero, which lyrics are focused on modern popculture.


released March 13, 2014

All songs written and performed by Collision Zero.

Collision Zero are:
Becky Gaber - Vocals
Florian Haack - Instruments



all rights reserved


Collision Zero Germany

The two professional musicians Becky Gaber and Florian Haack formed the project Collision Zero to write and perform original music that is inspired by their favorite games and movies.
Catchy melodies and grooving guitar riffs, are the core of their music.

COLLISION ZERO... Grab your groove!
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Track Name: Machines of War

No one can stop me now I´m
controlling the machine
I´m gonna choose my weapon
and shoot the enemy
out of the titan cockpit
or on my own two feet
fearless and heavy armored
I hit the battlefield

you can run away for your dear life
or you can stand and fight
shoot the devil right between the eyes
cause judgement day arrived

Death, raining from the sky
watch the titans rise
so get into your machines of war
I will not hesitate
to blow your head away
are you prepared for the titanfall

fight on a war torn planet
rebel or IMC
a brand new universe is
right here awaiting me
I´m gonna bite your head off
If you will cross my way
fearless and heavy armored
so don´t you mess with me


No one could stop me now I´m
controlling the machine
I´m gonna break your defense
I´m on the winner team
out of the titan cockpit
or on my own two feet
fearless and heavy armored
I hit the battlefield

Track Name: This is Sparta

Before the war
united we stand
so hear our roar
we fight for our land

we won't go down
we´ll be standing tall
with mighty resistance
don't care for your crown

See thousands of your men fall
and soon you are the one to crawl
on your knees, with your broken dream
cause we take this battle to the extreme

The war rages on
and those who will fall
die in honour and pride
for sparta!

against massive hordes
with 300 swords
men in armor
for this is Sparta!

After the attack
Leonidas dead
Your future is black
The god king is no threat

so if you´ve forgotten
I tell you again
only women of the sparta
give birth to real men
Track Name: Supernatural

out of the fire and smoke
a brand new era awoke
the mutants
the city goes up in flames
a bioterrorist´s
epic voyage
high voltage

when electricity flows
and men transform into smoke
be psychic
don´t fight it
setting abilities free
deliver power
manipulating all the energy

humanity is dead
you´re free to choose
the good or evil way
it´s up to you

Can you hear the demons call
can you feel the

turn into smoke in no time
and rematerialize
behind the enemy
no distance can be to high
to take the fall from the sky
no limits
let your soul ignite

the world `s about to fall
gone up in flames
so save or kill 'em all
you rule the game

stand against the DUP
hunting them down ruthlessly
'cause mystic is terroristic
recharging the battery
summoning power
manipulating all the energy
Track Name: The Legend is back

what is death and moral
during a cold war ?
What means killing
are you willing to go that far ?

Following the mission
shelter in the dark
sneak up from behind
when no one is watching you

The worlds painted black
There's no turning back

grab the gun and hide
for the search headlight
I feel death coming near
can you smell the fear

got to tempt the fate
Mr. Solid Snake
cause the mission is clear
metal gear

you will pull the trigger
your eyes are used to war
there´s the will to survive behind every scar

when man become demons
peace goes up in flames
when the world order
needs to be rearranged

the worlds painted black
but the legend is back