Wasteland EP

by Collision Zero



released June 4, 2014



all rights reserved


Collision Zero Germany

The two professional musicians Becky Gaber and Florian Haack formed the project Collision Zero to write and perform original music that is inspired by their favorite games and movies.
Catchy melodies and grooving guitar riffs, are the core of their music.

COLLISION ZERO... Grab your groove!
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Track Name: Red or Blue

well I´m maybe not as fast as
my bullets fly
but I´m causing heavy damage
within the blink of an eye
so guess who will swing the bonesaw
spreading adrenaline
I´m at the front line to heal ya
let´s practice medicine

no matter if your red or blue
there´s just one thing you´ve got to do
the time is right to start a fight
lets kick some fuckin ass tonight

We shed blood
rip out guts, baby
If we´re nearly dead
we´re callin 'medic !'
we spread pain
It´s our game, baby
rippin´ off your head
...eat shit !

so what if your trusted teammate
stabs you from behind
I guess that will be the credit
of a sharp french knife
I kill targets with a headshot
I´m hiding in the back
my rifle is my best friend
I´m a professional

Track Name: Wasteland

Hell Yeah
we go on a treasure hunt
they say
out there is a place you´ll find
more cash than you could carry
so off we go, no guts no glory
pandora´s awaiting us
come on
Im not gonna stop unless
I found what I am seeking
the vault that holds the final secret

through the wasteland
we are wandering
facing the unknown
here we go !

I dont mind the bloodstains
on my face
as long as I´m free
to do it my way
I dont mind to kill
and dear god I will
so lets have some fun
with the shotgun

Hell Yeah
we´re off to the final fight
let´s take
a look what they´ve got inside
once in 200 years it
opens up for those who are darin´
it´s not what I did expect
so what
the hell should I think ´bout that
there is no gold no glory
just a monsters territory

should I shoot it ?
execute it ?
guess it sounds like fun
here i come

---bridge 1---
Track Name: I'm a miner

before the night falls
I´m diggin´ deep
I need a place
to shelter me
with pick and shovel
or my own hands
It´s my creation
my masterplan

rip out weed
then I plant the seed again
I´m a man of deeds
god of buildings and caverns and trees
I stand on top of the highest rock
I´m the king of blocks
I can craft anything that I need

I´m a miner
I am one of a kind
I´m a builder
I came I saw and I mined
I´m a miner
wherever I´m gonna go
a new world designer
Hell Yeah, I do what I´ve got to do

all on my own but
not alone
at night the creatures
creep around
no I´m not frightened
no not at all
cause I´m a miner
with a brave soul
Track Name: Game Over

I´ve got a big run today
it´s my time to strike and win
I´m shooting the gun today
like a mighty hurricane
spent hours and hours here
Now I´m close to reach the end
My temper is rising to the top

the fever is heating up
the fire is pushing me
just one more strike to go and
...FUCK !

Game Over !
I´ll show ya
how to smash my controller
Game Over !
and out !
come on, I´m not really done !!
Game Over !
I know there
is still a world to conquer
Game over !
and out !
for now, but I will go
again and again

I´m throwing the dice today
I´m the hunter you´re the prey
nothing ever stops me now
blasting up what comes my way
prepared for the final fight
like a gundog on a trail
I´ve got the boss in my cross wires

the fever is heating up
the fire is pushing me
just one more strike to go and
...FUCK !